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Request Literature from McGill AirSeal
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Please send information about the McGill AirSeal products I have checked below:
United Duct Sealer™
Uni-Seal™ Duct Sealer
Uni-Weather™ Duct Sealer
Uni-Coat™ Duct Sealer
United Duct Sealer™ (Water Based)
Uni-Mastic™ 181 Duct Sealer
Uni-Flex™ Duct Sealer
Uni-Sil™ Silicone Sealant
Uni-Sil™ HT (High-Temperature) Silicone Sealant
Uni-Cast® Two-Part Duct Tape System
Uni-Seam™ Butyl Sealer
Uni-Thane™ Polyurethane Sealant
Uni-Tack™ Insulation Adhesive
Uni-Grab™ Insulation Adhesive
Uni-Fast™ Insulation Adhesive
Uni-Fast™ (Non-Flammable) Insulation Adhesive
Uni-Spray™ Insulation Adhesive (20oz. aerosol can)
Uni-Spray™ LV Insulation Adhesive (20oz. aerosol can)
Uni-Spray™ Insulation Adhesive (11lb, 35lb, 187lb, and 375lb cylinders)
Uni-Spray™ NF Insulation Adhesive (11lb, 35lb, 187lb, and 375lb cylinders)
Uni-Butyl™ XT Butyl Gasket
Uni-Butyl™ TB Butyl Gasket
Uni-Butyl™ DB Butyl Gasket
Uni-Prene™ Neoprene Gasket
Uni-Gum™ Moldable Sealing Compound
Uni-Foil™ HVAC Tape
Sealant Pump -- Five Gallon
Spray Guns and Hoses
Caulking Guns
Paint Brushes
Uni-Strip™ De-galvanizing Spray
Uni-Bright™ Cold Galvanizing Compound
Uni-Galv™ Cold Galvanizing Compound
Uni-Wrap™ Protective Plastic
Uni-Cap™ Protective Plastic Cover
Uni-Extreme™ High Temperature Sealant
Uni-PVC™ Plastic-Coated Steel Touch-Up Paint
Residential Duct Sealer Brochure
Leak Detective® Leakage Test Kits and Cart Assemblies
Leak Detective® Leakage Test Station
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