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McGill Leak Detective® Test Kits:

Standard Test Kits
Cart Assembly
Orifice Tubes
Smoke Delivery System
Choosing a Test Kit
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Leak Detective Test Kit Tools:
1. Determine Proper Kit
2. Calculate Allowable Leakage by Leakage Class
3. What Can Your Kit Measure?

4. Calculate Extension Cord Wire Gauge for Leak Detective Fans

Why Test for Leakage?

No duct system is airtight. All leak to some degree. If controlled, duct leakage can be less than 1 percent of the total system cfm. As leakage increases, more air and energy is required to maintain design conditions, and this increases operating costs.
    To protect building owners against leakage and resulting increased operating costs, engineers are requiring verification testing in their specifications.
    For a detailed discussion of leakage testing procedures, refer to McGill AirFlow's System Pressure Testing for Leaks brochure.

Standard Leak Detective® Test Kits

A McGill Leak Detective test kit makes it easy for you to measure duct system leakage. We offer four standard sizes, each available either as a kit or mounted on a wheeled cart. Other sizes are available as nonstandard items. Leak Detective carts, orifice tubes, and test kit components can be ordered individually. A standard leakage test kit consists of the following equipment:

1. Calibrated orifice tube
2. Certified calibration chart
3. OSHA-approved fan with an inlet damper control
4. Two U-tube manometers
5. Vinyl tubing
6. Dye
7. 10-foot flex duct, adapter and clamps

The standard test kit contains a 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-inch orifice tube calibrated for positive pressure system testing. The fans, which come with an inlet damper control, can be ordered for 110- or 220-volts and 50- or 60-cycle current.

Leak Detective Test Kit


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