Calculate Extension Cord Wire Gauge for Leak Detective Fans

This web tool calculates the wire size for an extension cord.

The National Electrical Code and local codes should be consulted for further information regarding proper wire gauge. The wire gauge calculated using this tool should be sufficient for most code requirements. The maximum voltage drop allowed is 3%.

This tool assumes the extension cord will be made from copper wire and the fan motor is for 60 Hz, single-phase operation.

Choose your test kit fan and enter the length of extension cord you plan on using. Click the Calculate Wire Gauge button to calculate the minimum wire gauge required for your extension cord.

Standard Kit Used:

LTK-4 fan (120V, 60Hz) STANDARD for 4-inch kits

LTK-4 fan (240V, 60Hz)

LTK-5 fan (120V, 60Hz) STANDARD for 5-inch kits

LTK-5 fan (240V, 60Hz)

LTK-6 or LTK-8 fan (240V, 60Hz) STANDARD for 6-inch and 8-inch kits

Extension Cord Length: feet
Wire Size for Extension Cord: gauge
Voltage: volts
Current: amps

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