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McGill Leak Detective® Test Stations:

Test Station
Venturi Tubes
Choosing a Venturi Tube

Features and Benefits of the New McGill Test Station

Features Benefits
Self-contained package Ready to use
Operation Instructions Card and Manual Easy to read and use
Construction site design Durable
Integrated system Safe to use
Compact, light-weight design Maneuverable and portable, on stairways and in vehicles
Machined venturi tubes, instead of orifice plates Reliably accurate without recalibration
Four venturi tube/flow meter choices for leakage ranges Versatile
Variable speed blower, without damper Controls noise
Silencer for blower Controls noise
Digital static pressure gauge and airflow meter, instead of manometers and charts Easy to use and accurate
Venturi tube and linked airflow meter calibrated and certified by a Professional Engineer Reliable and meets leakage specifications
Color-coded tubing Simple to connect
Quick conversion from positive to negative testing Easy to use
Smoke generator included Versatile
Central control panel Easy to operate and observe test results
Storage compartments A good place for everything needed
Optional data recording Record keeping

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