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McGill AirSeal Offers Duct Sealants and Adhesives

McGill AirSeal's complete line of duct sealants and adhesives includes its new Uni-Flex™ duct sealer and Uni-Mastic® 181 duct sealer.

Uni-Flex Uni-Mastic 181  

Uni-Flex is an economical, water-based sealant for use on low-, medium-, and high-pressure duct systems. It is environmentally safe and contains no hazardous ingredients. Uni-Flex duct sealer has a creamy consistency that allows for excellent coverage. It cures to a durable, flexible film that can withstand handling and mechanical vibrations. The antimicrobial agents in this duct sealer remain active after it has cured. Uni-Flex come in convenient 10.5 ounce cartridges, as well as 1-, 2-, and 5-gallon pails.

Uni-Mastic 181 is a UL 181 A- and B-listed duct sealer. This water-based product seals joints in all types of HVAC systems. It provides excellent adhesion to metal duct, fiberglass ductboard, and flexible duct. The sealer dries quickly and remains flexible after it has cured. This fiber-reinforced duct sealer is nonflammable, produces no harmful fumes, and can be used on indoor and outdoor duct systems. Because Uni-Mastic 181 duct sealer is fiber reinforced, it is ideal for meeting the special requirements of retrofit applications and new construction. Uni-Mastic 181 comes in convenient 10.5- and 29-ounce cartridges, 1-, 2-, and 5-gallon pails and 52-gallon drums.

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