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McGill AirSeal Adds Three New Products to Its Arsenal

McGill AirSeal has just added three new entries to its already diverse and ever-growing line of industry renowned duct sealers, insulation adhesives, and related products. All three products were carefully selected to meet specific applications of the HVAC contractor.

Uni-Extreme Uni-Galv Uni-PVC
Uni-Extreme™ Uni-Galv™ Uni-PVC™

Uni-Extreme™ High-Temperature Sealer is a one-part sealant that can withstand extreme temperatures of -320°F to +2400°F continuous (3100°F intermittent) while maintaining a sure seal. Excellent adhesion makes it resistant to most chemicals, solvents, and electricity. Its ability to form gaskets makes it ideal for sealing a variety of applications including clean metal, stacks, flues, exhaust systems, engines, turbines, fire bricks, mortar, and ceramic surfaces. It is gray in color and available in 10.5 fluid oz tubes.

Uni-Galv™ Cold Galvanizing Compound provides a zinc-rich coating that will stop rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. Sacrificial coating is equal to hot-dip galvanizing in cathodic protections, film durability, and caustic and salt protection with 95.3% metallic zinc content by weight in the dry film. It is an ideal primer or top coat that dries to a flat gray color and is available in 16 fluid oz/14 oz net weight aerosol cans.

Uni-PVC™ Plastic-Coated Steel Touch-up Paint is used to protect and coat plastic-coated steel. This paint has excellent adhesion to plastic and will help prevent rust and corrosion of the underlying steel. It can be used indoors, outdoors, and underground. It is available in 55-gallon drums, 5- and 1-gallon pails, and 16oz spray cans.

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